What makes the Faithful Steward web church management solution unique?

There are many aspects of Faithful Steward that sets it apart from other web church management solutions that enable it to be a better tool for your church. These include: how we offer an optional $20** church accounting software add-on to the basic member management to provide a complete solution without the need for third-party software, how it coaches you through church office tasks in user-friendly way; how it gives you flexibility without cluttering up your workspace with seldom used functionality; how it imports your data from your existing desktop church management program; and how affordable it is. Signup for your Faithful Steward Web account today!

Complete Membership, Donations and Fund Accounting Solution

Faithful Steward has an optional church accounting software functionality that can be either used seperately for $25** a month or added on to the basic church donation and member management for only $20** a month.

General Benefits of Web Church Management

There are also many general benefits many web church software solutions share.

Web Church Management Saves You Time

The biggest threat to most church offices may surprise you: it’s tasks that waste our time. Any church secretary whose hard drive has failed, who spends hours coordinating the sharing of data and tasks with people outside of the church office, and has such a full plate that training a volunteer seems like the straw that broke the camel’s back, knows about the need for time-saving tools. With the new web-based Faithful Steward Web church management software, Diakonia has provided churches an affordable way to make their church information resiliently accessible with built-in step by step coaching of tasks typically done in a church office. Now even small churches can afford a web-based system at only $20 a month!

Web Church Management Coaches You through Tasks

Have you ever sat down to figure out how much time is spent doing the typical tasks in the church office such as updating membership, getting a deposit ready for the bank, getting a list of names to another staff member, and training a volunteer how to help you with some of your work? Do you even have time at the end of the day for ministry? What about the time it takes to remember how to perform occasional tasks like quarterly reports, annual donor statements? What if you need to have someone else help you get through the mountain of tasks on your plate right now. Do you really have time to train others to help you too? What if your software was like Faithful Steward Web and guided you through the process of each task step by step? How many hours would you save each week?

Web Church Management that Coaches You Through Tasks Typically Done in the Church Office

Web Church Management That's Simple To Navigate

Those that have surfed the web know that there's sites that make the data that you're looking for easy to find and then - there's the other ones where you can waste alot of time trying to find what you're looking for. Faithful Steward web church management was designed to make it easy for you to get to the results you need with minimal hassle by making only the functionality that you need available when you need it.

Web Church Management that Imports Data from Existing Desktop Software

Another barrier of entry into web-based software is the transfer of a church’s existing data that’s in a desktop system into the web-based system. Thankfully there’s a built-in export utility built into the latest version of the desktop version of Faithful Steward that allows users of this desktop program to easily move up to Faithful Steward Web. Diakonia continues to support and enhance their desktop product, giving churches the ability to choose between desktop and web-based church software.

Web Church Management Gives You More Time for Ministry

Diakonia created Faithful Steward to help save church staff and volunteers time. Since it simply handles church information, it gives you more time for ministry. To find out how your church can start protecting their data and your staff’s time, visit https://www.church-software.com or call 314-256-9073.

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