Member Management for Average Sized Churches

At as low as $20 a month, Faithful Steward Web is affordable enough that even average sized churches can have the member management flexibility that used to only be accesible to larger organizations. Start realizing the potential of your members with a Faithful Steward Web account today!

Member Management that Tracks Families and Individuals

Member Management that Handles Multiple Addresses

Do you sometimes procrastinate on updating your membership information? Now in Faithful Steward Web's member management it's easy to keep their information up to date. If you update one family member's address that is living at the family household address all others living at that address get the update instantaously. Do you have snowbirds in your congregation? No problem, as Faithful Steward Web was designed to allow you to designate main and secondary addresses.

Member Management that Handles Unlimited Phones and Emails

In today's world people have a multitude of phone numbers: home, work, and cell phones. With Faithful Steward Web's membership management you can keep track of them all and remember which one is their main contact phone number. How about all of those email addresses? No problem there either as each member can have as many email addresses as they'd like. You can even keep track of which one they prefer that you send email to.

Member Management With Photos of Families and Individuals

When you're working with membership information, it's helpful to associate a face with the information so that you have another visual clue that you're working on the correct information. In Faithful Steward Web's member management you can attach both a personal photo and a family photo to each person. With all of the membership data that you're maintaining it's easy to generate a online directory which can help the rest of our church staff and members informed of your members latest contact information and photos on them and their families.

Member Management of Growing Families

As families in your membership are established and grow Faithful Steward Web's member management is ready to help you easily manage them. There's an easy way to view all the individuals that are in a family and handle changes such as a son or daughter getting married and other family changes. Of course you have the ability to attach a photo to each family so you can see all of them at a glance and use them in an online directory online directory.

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