What are the benefits of web-based church software?

There are many benefits to web-based church software like Faithful Steward Web over traditional desktop-based church software. Because the data is not actually stored at the church office it makes it less vulnerable to disasters. And because the church data is accessed securely using the Internet it opens up the possibilities to where information and tasks can be accessed making working on church tasks much more covenient. Get your Faithful Steward Web account for your church today!

Faithful Steward church software

For more information about the functionality that makes Faithful Steward Web unique from other church software that is available on the market today, please click here. The following observations about web-based church software apply to Faithful Steward Web and may or may not apply to solutions that are from other vendors.

Church Software that Protects Against Church Fires

Web-based Church Software has Resilient Disaster Recovery

Does your church’s record keeping system have resiliency? Think of the time that it would take to rebuild your information and be ready to continue doing church office duties in the case of a natural disaster. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 1,890 church fires are reported each year. Many church offices don’t have church software and are at risk of losing their important records. Or if a church office has software, many of them forget to back up their data, or don’t have an offsite backup plan. Those using our desktop version of Faithful Steward can use the built-in backup functionality to easily backup their data and form an offsite backup plan. In the worst case scenario, when disaster strikes churches might lose some or all of their data, or in the best case scenario they would have to spend a lot of time rebuilding and installing their church software on new computers and restoring from their most recent backups. Compare this to the resiliency of the Faithful Steward Web web-based church software, which performs several real-time backups of your data off-site; automatically keeps you up-to-date, running the latest version of the church software; and lets you recover from a disaster in minutes by simply bringing up the application in a new computer’s browser to continue where you left off.

Web-based Church Software is Securely Accessible from Anywhere

What about the accessibility of the church information? How much time do you spend coordinating the exchange and collaboration of information in a church office? Churches without church software have to use the copy machine way too often to get their information to various staff and volunteers. Or if a church has church software, without special infrastructure others who need to access the data from outside of the church office can’t do so very easily, and working from home is difficult if not impossible. In comparison, web-based church software such as Faithful Steward Web harnesses the ubiquitousness of the internet to allow those who are granted access to securely work with church data from anywhere. It does not matter if they are using Windows or Mac or some mobile device – just open up a browser and log in.

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