Attendance Tracking Makes Sure Nobody is Forgotten

Are you still using the old paper attendance system to check off who was here and who wasn't? Do you know that the paper system is harder to manage the larger you grow? How would you know that one of your members needs some followup unless you knew that he has missed several times already in the past few weeks? No church is too big or too small to care about each and every member. Now with Faithful Steward Web there's a way to keep track of your membership's growing attendance. For as low as $20 a month, Faithful Steward Web can assist you by making recording attendance easier than ever and helping you make sure that nobody "falls through the cracks". Keep better track of your members attendance today using a Faithful Steward Web account!

Attendance Tracking Checklist

Configure Attendance Tracking To Your Church's Needs

Faithful Steward Web allows you to keep track of any kind of meetings: Sunday School, Various Services, Bible Studies, Small Groups, and more. These are designated using "Groups". You can combine the summary information for various groups using organizational groups. You can control which members normally attend each group's meetings and add people to those groups during the attendance tracking process.

It's Easy to Record and Manage Attendance Tracking

Faithful Steward Web walks you step-by-step through the process of recording attendance for a group. It saves you time by allowing you to designate if most of the members were present or absent, then as you adjust the rest of the members attendance status it keeps running totals to help you determine if you're on track.

Attendance Tracking Reports Show Relevant Data

You can generate reports that display your attendance tracking information at any time. This makes it easy for you to followup on the people that missed or that were present if need be. You can also easily see an individual's attendance history, or see the overall attendance of a organizational grouping of groups (such as all "Sunday School" classes or all "Services").

Faithful Steward Web has Solid Member Management

There's also a flexible member management system in Faithful Steward Web that keeps track of your visitors and members information.

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