Church Accounting Software for Average Sized Churches

Are you looking for affordable church accounting software that can be used by a person without an accounting background? Faithful Steward Web Fund Accounting is the church accounting software solution for your average sized church! For as low as $25 a month**, Faithful Steward Web fits in the budget of any sized church. Start keeping track of your church accounting software using a Faithful Steward Web account today!

Designed for Church Fund Accounting

Unlike other for-profit accounting systems, Faithful Steward Web Church Accounting Software was created from the ground up to provide a double-entry fund accounting recordkeeping that your church needs. It will handle your banking, your budgeting, your financial reports, and much more! The application walks you step-by-step through the setup of the fund accounting system, and through special tasks that only nonprofits have to deal with, such as: donor-imposed restrictions; inter-fund borrowing; repayment between multiple charts of accounts.

Makes Church Banking Easy

Faithful Steward Web manages your cash, checking and savings accounts. Church accounting transactions continue to use the fund categories you are familiar with from managing your church donation records along with new accounts. This makes it easy to get started without having to learn an entirely new application.

Church Accounting Software Integrates with Your Donations

Once you're finished adding your church donation records, Faithful Steward Fund Accounting church accounting software automatically creates a deposit into checking accounting records without the need to use an additional third-party accounting program. When you combine the existing Faithful Steward Web member management and church donation tracking with the fully integrated Faithful Steward Web Fund Accounting you have a complete solution that handles ALL of the recordkeeping for your church.

Treasurer or Accountant Can Easily Work from Remote Location

Since Faithful Steward Web is a web application the program and data is not stored at the local church office. Using a similar technology used in secure online banking, the application is available to be securely accessed from remote locations via a web browser. Now your accountant can have access to the accounting information from a remote location while your treasurer manage the church donation records either at the church office or from home.

Available As Fund Accounting Only or integrated with Membership and Donations

You can either purchase the Faithful Steward Web Fund Accounting functionality seperately at $25** a month or you can add Fund Accounting to the Membership and Donation management software for an additional $20** per month above the price of the standard Membership software. Feel free to learn more about Faithful Steward Web pricing.

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