Church Donations for Average Sized Churches

Are you still creating donor receipts by hand? Would you like to save hours of time each week preparing the bank deposit? Even average sized churches can have the tools they need to prepare their bank deposits in record time and have the end of year donation statements become a piece of cake. For as low as $20 a month, Faithful Steward Web fits in the budget of any sized church. Start keeping track of your donations using a Faithful Steward Web account today!

Church Donation Check Scanner Saves Hours of Time

Add Faithful Steward Fund Accounting to Donations for a Complete Solution

Faithful Steward church accounting software is available as a $20** optional add-on which gives you a complete fund accounting system that integrates with your church donation records. This gives you a complete end-to-end solution for both the incoming and the outgoing finances at your church.

Integrates with Online Giving

You can now be able to receive online giving electronically on your church website, via text message, kiosks, a mobile app and much more when you use Faithful Steward with our online giving vendors.

Treasurer or Bookkeeper Can Easily Work from Remote Location

One of the many benefits of Faithful Steward Web being a web application is that since the program and data is not stored at the local church office, the application is available to be securely accessed from remote locations easily. There's no need to setup special infrastructure to allow people to access the data at the church office remotely since the application is accessible via the Internet. This is very helpful when you have people that need to perform their tasks from a location other than the church office, such as: a part-time treasurer that is working from home after his full-time job; or when your bookkeeper or accountant needs to access the church donation information from their office.

Check Reader Saves Time Recording Church Donations

If you process hundreds of checks at a time you'll be excited about the hours of time that you'll save using Faithful Steward Web with a check reader. Since the majority of church donations tend to be from the same donors, the check reader recognizes them and accelerates data entry while at the same time increasing accuracy. It's the same proven technology that your bank uses to "scan" the checks that you deposit.

Prepares Your Bank Deposit Faster and More Accurately

After you start using Faithful Steward Web to prepare your bank deposit, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. If you're familiar with the appearance of a typical church envelope, you're already familiar with Faithful Steward Web's view of posting donations. It even keeps running totals for you, showing you where you are in the process. It's easy to correct things while you're adding. If you want to match them all up to a grand total amount, it handles that too and helps you when things don't match up. The bank deposit looks similar to a typical bank deposit and is acceptable by most banks.

Easily Generate Church Donation Statements and End of Year Receipts

Does quarterly or annual donor statements get you stressed out? If you're using Faithful Steward Web you can relax - the information has already been accurately recorded and you can print donor statements at any time.

Automatically Tracks Pledges for Church Donations

Faithful Steward Web also has an optional but complete pledge campaign management system that automatically keeps track of how donors are contributing toward their pledges.

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