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Many other programmers were writing software, but most didn't care how hard it was for the end-user to get their work done. Some programmers didn't have the patience to listen to customers and ask the appropriate questions to find out what their needs really were. Some programmers hated to document their code and programs. Few programmers were willing to learn new technology fast enough to meet the demanding needs of the growing and ever changing computer industry. There seemed to be lack of programmers who were good communicators and team players who really cared enough about the software they were writing to make it the best and easiest it could be.

Technology Problem Solving Since 1992

In spring of 1992 our founder started Diakonia to give businesses and ministries a hand in harnessing today's technology to meet their needs. The company began by designing tailored systems, networks, writing custom software applications, and doing computer training. They took a customer-centric approach to solving business problems, and made it clear to their customers that their success is our company's goal. It's our desire to manage our business with the highest standards of character and excellence.

Today, our company still strives to help businesses and ministries use their technology in a more effective way. In recent years, our company has created several applications which are used throughout the world to do recordkeeping for various industries. As the computer industry continues to explode in complexity, we're here to lend you a hand. We're here to help you with your recordkeeping, internet marketing, network, and all your computer needs. Click on the "Products" or "Services" items on the navigation menus to find out about ways our company can serve you.

What Does the Name "Diakonia" mean?

The name Diakonia is a Greek word from the New Testament that means "serving ministry" (as defined in Strong's Dictionary). As you see from the hand in our company logo, we are here to serve you.

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