Small Groups Give Flexible Membership Tools

How do you keep track of small groups in your church? Do you know about members spiritual gifts, talents, and interests? Are your members significant dates still being recorded on rolodex cards? No matter if you have average sized groups, every detail matters. Now with Faithful Steward Web there's a way to keep track of all of your membership's attributes using our unique group feature. For as low as $20 a month, Faithful Steward Web can assist you by giving you flexible tools to manage every kind of attribute for your membership using "groups". Start managing your groups with a Faithful Steward Web account today!

Small Groups of Any Kind Can Be Easy To Manage

Can You Use Groups for More than Just Small Groups?

You can think of groups in Faithful Steward Web like a folder. The program allows you to place any number of people, attendance sheets, donations, or pledges into a group "folder". This dynamic feature makes it easy to compare sets of information with other sets of information. It also allows you to use your own church terminology to keep track of various kinds of specialized membership information.

How are Groups helpful for church donation and pledge campaigns?

Sometimes "cost centers" are setup in an accounting system to allow reports to compare financial information from one source to another source. You could compare various services to each other (midweek compared to Sunday service) to compare giving. Or you could compare all services to all Sunday school classes using organizational groups. You can also read more information about church donation or pledge campaign features.

Efficient Small Group Attendance

Faithful Steward Web not only keeps track of your small groups or any other kind of groups, it also does attendance tracking for each group's various meetings.

Faithful Steward Web Groups add to it's Member Management

Groups in Faithful Steward Web are really just an extension of the already flexible member management.

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