Average Sized Churches can Manage Pledge Campaigns

Are you ready for your next pledge campaign? Is it easy to determine how well donors are following through with pledges? No matter if your pledge campaign is a annual campaign or a capital campaign or a special fundraiser you can be prepared to manage and report on the pledge performance easily. For as low as $20 a month, Faithful Steward Web can assist you by automatically keeping up to the minute totals of your pledges as the donations continue to be recorded. Starting managing pledges with your Faithful Steward Web account today!

Manages any Kind of Pledge Campaign

Handles All Kinds of Pledge Campaigns

No matter which kind of pledge campaign you're running Faithful Steward Web can handle it. Are your pledges one time gifts, annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily? It can handle annual campaigns, multiple year campaigns, or even short term campaigns. You can even start using Faithful Steward Web in the middle of a multiple year campaign. As you can see the flexible pledge campaign system can handle most any kind of pledge.

Pledge Campaigns Resemble Simple Pledge Cards

If you're familiar with the typical "pledge cards" that churches use for annual campaigns you already know how Faithful Steward Web manages pledge campaigns. Just fill out the form like you'd fill it out on paper and that's all you need to do. From then on Faithful Steward Web keeps track of the pledge automatically. There's no more work for you to do but to run any reports you'd like whenever you'd like to see how the pledge campaign is going.

Easy Pledge Performance Reports

It's simple to see how your donors are performing on their pledges. Faithful Steward Web has internal reports and donor statements that can optionally display how much the person promised to give, what they actually give, and what the difference is. It's never been easier to prepare for that finance committee meeting!

Faithful Steward Web Also Handles Church Donations

There's also a robust church donation system in Faithful Steward Web that is the basis of all pledge campaign management.

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