What differentiates Faithful Steward Desktop software for church?

There are many aspects of Faithful Steward Desktop that sets it apart from other software for church. These include: it's flexible "group" feature which helps you manage your church small groups; it's church bookkeeping software link that posts your donations into Quickbooks or Peachtree; how our Windows church software can share data with our Mac church software; and how affordable it is at only $199.

Faithful Steward Software For Church and It's Unique Features

General Benefits of Desktop Church Management Software

In addition to the functionality listed here Faithful Steward Desktop also has the typical benefits many desktop church management software share.

Group Software for Church

Faithful Steward makes it easy to manage both church small groups and other groupings of people, attendance records, or donations with it's flexible "groups" feature.

Church Accounting Software Links

If you are already using Quickbooks or Peachtree accounting software you can have Faithful Steward transfer over the donations as a deposit using it's church bookkeeping software link.

Sharing Data with Windows and Mac Software for Church

Faithful Steward Desktop allows users who are using the Windows version to share information with users that are using the Mac version of the program. If the church decides at any point to switch from Windows to Mac, or Mac to Windows, they can still access their data using Faithful Steward Desktop

Should our church look into web church software?

The latest trend in software for church is the new web church management. Diakonia offers both desktop and web church software and we outline the differences between the two in our church software comparison.

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