Church Attendance Software at an attainable price

There's no church too small to care for it's members. And how can you care if you don't know who missed the latest service? With Faithful Steward Desktop being only $199 even average sized churches can afford to make sure no member or visitor goes unnoticed.

Church Attendance Software Makes Followup Simple

It's easy to know who missed the last two weeks and followup with a letter or phone call with our Faithful Steward Desktop church attendance software. And this kind of a caring fellowship goes a long ways toward member retention.

Handles Church Small Groups

Faithful Steward Desktop has an adjustable church small groups system built-in to handle both small groups and other kinds of grouping of people with ease.

Works with Faithful Steward Desktop's Member Management

Faithful Steward Desktop also has a flexible member management system that keeps track both your members and your visitors information.

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