Membership Software for Average Sized Churches

For only $199, Faithful Steward Desktop is a tool that average sized churches can use to get the flexibility they need to manage the members of a growing church.

Membership Software Makes It Easy to Stay Current

Wish there was a way of managing information on your members that is as easy as the rolodex used to be? Faithful Steward Desktop makes it easy to keep all of your member's data up to date. Updating their address, phone numbers, email addresses, and even a change in their name or envelope number is easy to handle.

Membership Software with Individual and Family Photos

Forgot who John Doe is? Let Faithful Steward Desktop remind you by displaying you his photo. Each person and family can have a photo attached to their information. It's simple to generate a directory with or without photos using Faithful Steward's directory software.

Fully Canadianized Addresses

Faithful Steward fully supports Canadian postal codes for Canadian churches and ministries.

Special Group Membership Software Feature

Faithful Steward's special "group" feature lets you keep track of church small groups but it doesn't stop there. You can place people in any number of "groups" and these groups can be called anything you'd like. These groups are useful for keeping track of significant dates, spiritual gifts and talents, interests, and much more.

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