Why use desktop-based church management software?

If you are still using manual and paper-based solutions you might ask why you should think about automating your church office tasks on the computer. There are many reasons to switch from a manual system to a computerized system, such as: only having to update information once, having a professional looking church directory, and having it help you with your bank deposit. The following are a small sampling of benefits to computerizing your church office apply to Faithful Steward Desktop and may or may not apply to solutions from other companies.

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Only Update Once with Membership Software

With Faithful Steward software for church you can make a change one place and it's reflected in every other location. For example when a member in your church moves how many places do you have to update with their new address and phone number information? With software for church you can make the change once and it will reflect these changes on any directories, any mailing labels, any letters, and any donor receipts. Say goodbye to the times when you keep getting returned mail because you forgot to update the person's address in another place when you start using membership software.

Directory Software that's Picture Perfect

How long has it been since your church directory has been up to date? Would you like to have a church directory that has both the current contact information for your members and that looks more professional? Using our Faithful Steward directory software you can print pictoral or non-pictoral directories that have the information you need in a format that works for your church.

Donor Management Automates Deposits and Receipts

How long does it take for you to get the deposit ready for the bank? Have end of year receipts been a pain point for your staff? By using Faithful Steward software for church you can automate these donor management tasks so that

Faithful Steward Software for Church

There are many features that makes Faithful Steward Desktop unique from other software for church that is available on the market today. The following observations about web-based church software apply to Faithful Steward Web and may or may not apply to solutions that are from other vendors.

Should we look into web church software?

The latest trend in software for church is the new web church management. Diakonia offers both desktop and web church software and we outline the differences between the two in our church software comparison. If you don't have a broadband internet connection, or if you are managing the books of multiple churches it's best to use the desktop version.

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