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Church Bookkeeping Software Links with Quickbooks and Peachtree

Church Bookkeeping Software that fits for Small and Medium Sized Churches

Faithful Steward Desktop can be optionally post your deposit that you entered in our donor management system into Intuit Quickbooks, Sage Peachtree accounting, Acclivity AccountEdge, or Quicken for Mac. Since Faithful Steward Desktop only runs $199 and these other accounting software programs run less than $150 you can have a complete end-to-end church bookkeeping software for less than $349!

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Church Bookkeeping Software Deposit into Quickbooks, Peachtree, AccountEdge or Quicken

Quickbooks Pro or Higher Required

To post your deposit into Intuit Quickbooks, you'll need to be running at least Quickbooks Pro or higher.

Peachtree Pro or Higher Required

To post your deposit into Sage Peachtree, you'll need to be running at least Peachtree Pro or higher.

Any Version of AccountEdge Supported

To post your deposit into Acclivity AccountEdge, you can be running any version of the application.

Quicken for Mac

Faithful Steward can post your deposit into any version of Quicken for Mac.

Church Bookkeeping Software Link Not Required

Faithful Steward Desktop's church bookkeeping software link feature is optional and is not required to be able to use our donor management features.

Includes Built-in Donor Management

Faithful Steward has a flexible donor management system that keeps track of your contributors and manages receipts. This standalone software does NOT require any other accounting software (Quickbooks, Peachtree, Quicken) to operate.

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