Manage Church Small Groups for a Small Price

Do you have church small groups, or other groups such as Sunday school classes Bible studies, or other church training events? Faithful Steward Desktop was designed to manage all of these and more for the small price of only $199.

Church Small Groups, Sunday school classes, studies, training classes, significant dates, baptism, confirmation and more using our 'Group' feature

Can I Keep Track of More than Just Church Small Groups?

Faithful Steward Desktop has a special feature called "groups" which are similar to folders. You can put as many people, donations, or attendance sheets into a group "folder". This feature lets you keep track of customized membership information in Faithful Steward Desktop using your own church terminology. It's even better than custom fields.

How can I use Groups with donor management?

Many times a "group" of donations have something in common: a common source of the donation (e.g. "Morning Service" vs "Evening Service") or a source category (e.g. "Radio Ministry", "Urban Outreach Event"). Accountants sometimes call these "cost centers". When you place various donations in a "group" it allows you to compare the donations from these cost centers to each other easily on reports. This "group" feature is helpful when using our donor management system.

Attendance for Church Small Groups and Other Groups

Faithful Steward Desktop has a built-in church attendance software that can manage not only your church small groups but any other kind of groups such as Sunday school classes, studies, training classes and more.

Groups Add Flexibility to our Membership Software

Faithful Steward Desktop has membership software that is extended by this unique "group" feature. These groups can be used to keep track of any number of: significant dates such as Baptism or Confirmation; spiritual gifts and talents, interests, classes, training, and more! You can use a group for any list of people they you'd need to gather together for any particular reason because of something that all of the people all have in common.

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