Integrated Microsoft Office Church Database

If you're already using Word and Excel you'll be glad to know that you can use Microsoft Office church information from Faithful Steward Desktop. This handy $199 Faithful Steward application works with the applications that you already own and are familiar with.

Creates Mail Merge Letters in Word

You can create mail merge letters in Microsoft Word using the membership data that you're maintaining in Faithful Steward Desktop.

Church Mailmerge Letter in Microsoft Word

Export Donation Data to Excel For Analysis

Sometimes accountants like to look at financial information in Microsoft Excel since they are familiar with it's various data analysis features. This too can be done using Faithful Steward Desktop.

Church Donations in Microsoft Excel

Exports to Over 12 File Formats

It's helpful to know that Faithful Steward Desktop allows you to work with your data in over a dozen file formats so that you can integrate your church's data in other applications also.

Includes Easy To Use Membership Software

Faithful Steward Desktop has flexible membership software that manages all of your members data including their photos with ease.

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