Faithful Steward Desktop is Church Management Software

Faithful Steward Desktop is a software based solution that runs on your local computer. This is in contrast to web-based church software like Faithful Steward Web which runs on our servers from your browser. Faithful Steward Desktop provides standard features for desktop software for church as well as many church management software features that are unique. Let Faithful Steward give you a hand with managing your church office tasks.

Church Time Saving with Faithful Steward

Providing Church Management Software Solutions Since 1994

Diakonia is a leading provider of solutions for churches and ministries across the US and Canada. The company started specialized in developing easy to use church management software in 1994 to meet the needs of average sized churches and parishes at a price they can afford starting at $199 for Faithful Steward Desktop and $20 a month for Faithful Steward Web.

Web Church Management Also Available

By providing both options, Diakonia gives churches the ability to choose between desktop based and web based software and is able to help with our church software comparison find out which solution is best for your church in a non-biased way. If you start with our desktop software, we make it easy for you to move to our web based solution later by importing your data.

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