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To start using Faithful Steward Web for your church from your web browser, just complete this form. Faithful Steward web is a monthly service whose monthly pricing is based upon the number of people that you will have in the system. You can either pay monthly save $60 by paying for 12 months all at once. This monthly cost includes access to ALL modules and technical support. There may be one-time initial costs for setting up your account (which are currently waived) or importing your data (importing from Faithful Steward Desktop is free).

Pricing is based upon the number of active members in your organization. You can mark people as inactive at any time if you are no longer referencing them in new information and you are no longer billed for them.

All enrollments are processed during business hours Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. We will contact you via email about the status of your enrollment during the signup process.

All information in red are required fields that must be entered.

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NOTE: The less often we bill your credit card the less you pay. Annual billing plans save $5 a month.
The fewer people in your account the less you pay. Pricing based upon the number of people in your account.
Optional Import of Existing Data

One-time import fee waived for FS Desktop imports

NOTE: Importing your data or owning a license to Faithful Steward Desktop is NOT required to use Faithful Steward Web.

If you'd like to import your information from Faithful Steward Desktop please supply the following information

Setup Fee waived


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