Helping You Choose the Best Fit in Technology

If you're looking into new equipment, Diakonia can schedule a meeting to discuss your present needs and future goals. At the planning session, we'll discuss ways to best use your current equipment to it's full potential. After the meeting, a complete recommended system with specifications including suggested sources will be furnished to the customer.

System Specifications May Include:

  • Hardware: Computer, Manufacturer, Monitor, Modem
  • Software: Application Programs and Utilities
  • Printers
  • ...and more

Network Design and Implementation

If you're adding new computers in your office and want to setup a network to share data, printers, and resources, we can help. Our knowledgeable system engineers can help you choose and implement the best solution to meet your needs and leave adequate space for growth in your future.

Network System Specifications May Include:

  • Server:Computer Specifications
  • Server Software (Appleshare, Windows NT Advanced Server, SQL Server, etc.)
  • Clients: Computer Specifications
  • Client Software
  • Network Cards
  • Wiring
  • Network Topology
  • Backup System
  • Security Issues
  • Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
  • Sharing Recommendations: data, printers, modems, internet, email
  • ...and more.

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