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One of the good aspects of the reformation was how it made God's Word accessible for the average person to read and study it for themself. Bible software brings this to a new level by giving you tools that help you to study the Bible in-depth without having to understand Greek or Hebrew. It gives you access to the wealth of wise resources that assist you in understanding God's Word that only a Biblical scholar used to have available to them - and at prices you can afford.

For a description of what's included in the software, click on the name below that describes what kind of computer you are using:

Windows Deluxe

Macintosh Classic

Macintosh Deluxe

Windows Deluxe CD


Works in Windows only

Dutch Bibles

  • 1912 Leidse Vertaling
  • 1933 Lutherse Vertaling
  • 1951 NGB Vertaling
  • 1994 Nuova Riveduta
  • 1750 Staten Vertling

Dutch Commentaries:

  • Kanttekeningen Critical Commentary
  • Matthew Henrey Commentary

English Bibles

  • American New International Version (requires $20 unlock fee)
  • American Standard Version
  • Bible in Basic English
  • British New International Version (requires $20 unlock fee)
  • Darby Translation
  • English Standard Version
  • God's Word for the Nations
  • Green's Literal Translation
  • Green's Modern KJV
  • King James with strong's #'s and verb parsings
  • 21st Century King James Bible
  • 1988 New American Standard Bible (requires $20 unlock fee)
  • New Revised Standard Version (requires unlock fee)
  • New King James Version
  • 1769 Oxford Apocrypha
  • 1947 Revised Apocrypha
  • Revised Standard Version
  • Revised Webster Bible
  • The Message Translation
  • Webster Bible
  • Weymouth NT
  • Young's Literal Translation

English Commentaries

  • Barnes Notes (1 Cor.)
  • Brown Driver Briggs Gesenius Hebrew Aramaic Lexicon
  • Eclectic Bible Notes (Ex., Mt., Rom.)
  • 1955 Geneva Bible Footnotes
  • Jamison, Faucett, Brown Commentary
  • John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
  • Matthew Henrey Complete Commentary
  • People's New Testament Notes
  • Revised Thayer's Greek Lexicon
  • Robertson's Word Pictures of NT
  • Spurgeon's Treasury of David (Psalms 1-86)
  • The Fourfold Gospel (notes on Gospels)
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

English Other Books

  • A Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity by John Gill
  • Annuals of the World by Ussher
  • A Puritan Catechism by C. H. Spurgeon
  • An Antidote Against Arminianism by Christopher Ness
  • A Token for Children by James Janeway
  • Evolution at the bar by Phillip Mauro
  • Facts of Life by Gary Parker
  • God's Simple Plan of Salvation
  • How to Study Your Bible by R. A. Torrey
  • 1935 Koran Yusuf Ali Edition (for witnessing)
  • Major Bible Doctrines by David Allen Reed
  • McGuffey's Electric Readers (Primer and First through Sixth)
  • Morning and Evening Daily Readings by C. H. Spurgeon
  • New Topical Textbook by R. A. Torrey
  • Ontario Readers (Primer and First through Fifth)
  • Parallel Passages in the Bible
  • Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
  • Puritan Confession of Faith
  • Questions and Answers on the Bible and Science by Henry Morris and Martin Clark
  • Revised Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Sum of Saving Knowledge from the Westminster Confession of Faith
  • Textual and Translation Notes on the Gospels by Jay Green
  • The A.B.C. of Biblical Archaeology by Dr. Clifford Wilson
  • The Answers Book by Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling, Carl Wieland
  • The Biblical Doctrine of Election by C. D. Cole
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • The Lie by Ken Ham
  • The Influence of the Bible (20 testimonies)
  • The Revised Quote Book by Creation Science Foundation
  • The Sovereignty of God by A. W. Pink
  • Spurgeon Quotes
  • Thompson Chain Reference Topics

French Bibles

  • 1991 Darby
  • 1979 Geneve
  • Haitian Creole
  • 1910 Louis Segond

French Commentaries

  • People's New Testament Notes

German Bibles

  • 1912 Luther
  • 1905 Original Elberfelder
  • 1951 Schlachter

German Commentaries

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Greek Bibles

  • 1991 Byzantine Majority
  • 1550 Stephanus
  • 1881 Westcott Hort
  • Interlinear Greek New Testament with Strong's numbers


  • 25 color maps & charts
  • pictures are also included in the English Books section.

Hebrew Bibles

  • Biblia Hebracia
  • Biblia Hebracia Stuttgartensia Consonantal Text

Indonesian Bibles

  • Alkitab Terjemahan Baru
  • Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari

Italian Bibles

  • 1991 La Nuova Diodati
  • 1994 La Sacra Bibbia Nuova Riveduta

Bibles in Other Languages

  • Albania
  • Arabic
  • AF83 1983 Africaans
  • Glory Union Chinese Bible
  • Danish
  • Ecuador Shuar
  • Finland 1933 PyhA Raamattu
  • Karolia Hungarian
  • Jerome's Latin Vulgate
  • Las 1569 Sagradas Escrituras
  • New Zealand Maori
  • Philippine Cebuana Bible
  • Corneseu Romanian Bible
  • Swahili NT (except Php.)
  • Turkish NT * Vietnamese
  • Ukranian Bible

Russian Bibles

  • 1917 Russian Synodal Text

Spanish Bibles

  • 1909 Reina Valera
  • 1989 Reina Valera Actualizada

* To use the NAS, NIV, Africaans, NRSV Bibles and other locked Bibles on the Windows CD you must pay an additional fee.

Mac Classic CD


Works on both the 68k Mac and the PowerMac (Mac OS X Native and Intel Mac version currently available in optional beta test version download)


  • Grieks: Greek lexicon in Dutch [G]
  • Hebreeuws: Hebrew lexicon in Dutch++ [H]
  • Lei: 1912 Leidse Vertaling [B]
  • Lu: 1933 Lutherse Vertaling [B]
  • Palm: 1997 Palm-editie Staten Vertaling Nieuwe Testament [B]
  • SV: 1750 Staten Vertaling with Strong's numbers [B]
  • TSKD: Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in Dutch [NR]


  • ASV: 1901 American Standard Version with footnotes [B]
  • Barnes: Barnes Notes (NT only) [N]
  • BBE: 1964 Bible in Basic English [B]
  • BDB: Brown Driver Briggs Gesenius Hebrew Aramaic English Lexicon [H]
  • Beet: Commentaries on Paul's Epistles by J. A. Beet** [NT]
  • BLXX: 1851 Brenton's Septuagint with footnotes** [B]
  • Bunyan: Works by John Bunyan [T]
  • Calvin: 1540 - 1563 John Calvin's Commentaries++ [N]
  • Clarke: 1832 Adam Clarke's Commentary** [NTI]
  • CXRef: Cross-References [R]
  • Daily: Daily Light on the Daily Path by Jonathan Bagster [TI]
  • Dby: 1890 J. N. Darby Translation [B]
  • DRV: 1899 Douay Rheims Version [B]
  • DRVA: 1899 Douay Rheims Apocrypha [T]
  • Easton: 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary [TI]
  • ED: 1864 Emphatic Diaglott [B]
  • ENT: Eclectic Bible Notes++ [N]
  • Family: 1861 Family Bible Notes by Justin Edwards [N]
  • Geneva: 1599 Geneva Bible Notes [N]
  • Gill: 1760 John Gill's Expositor (9 volumes unabridged) [NT]
  • GLT: 1993 Green's Literal Translation** [B]
  • Henry: 1721 Matthew Henry's Commentary (6 volumes unabridged) [NT]
  • Hitchcock: 1874 Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary [TI]
  • HNV: Hebrew Names Version with footnotes [B]
  • ISBE: 1939 International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (4 volumes unabridged) [TI]
  • JFB: 1871 Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown Commentary [N]
  • JPS: 1917 Jewish Publication Society Bible with footnotes** [B]
  • KJ21: 1994 21st Century King James Version [B]
  • KJV: 1769 King James Version with Strong's numbers & footnotes [B]
  • KJVA: KJV Apocrypha, Oxford Edition [T]
  • LO: Living Oracles New Testament [BTI]
  • M&E: Spurgeon's Morning & Evening: Daily Readings [TI]
  • Maps: 30 color maps & diagrams** [PTI]
  • McGarvey: Commentaries by J. W. McGarvey [NT]
  • MKJV: 1993 Modern King James Version** [B]
  • MNT: 1924 Montgomery New Testament [B]
  • Naves: Nave's Topical Bible [TI] NIV: 1984 New International Version with footnotes** [B] (only on Deluxe CD)
  • Phil: 1972 New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips** [B]
  • PNT: 1889 People's New Testament Commentary [NT]
  • Poole: 1700 Matthew Poole's Commentary++ [N]
  • Psalms: 1870 C. H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David [N]
  • Roth: 1902 Rotherham Emphasized Bible** [B]
  • RSBD: 1878 Revised Smith's Bible Dictionary [TIP]
  • RSV: 1973 Revised Standard Version** [B]
  • RSVA: Revised Standard Version Apocrypha** [T]
  • RWB: Revised Webster Bible with Strong's numbers [B]
  • RWP: 1930 A. T. Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament** [NT]
  • Science: Material on Archaeology, Creation, & Evolution** [TP]
  • Smith: 1868 Smith's Bible Dictionary (4 volumes unabridged, QuickTime required for pictures) [TIP]
  • Strong: 1890 Strong's Greek and Hebrew Lexicons [GH]
  • TCNT: 1904 Twentieth Century New Testament [B]
  • TCR: 1934 Thompson's Chain References [TI]
  • Temple: 1874 The Temple by Alfred Edersheim [T]
  • Thayer: Revised Thayer's Greek English Lexicon [G]
  • Torrey: Torrey's 1897 New Topical Textbook [TI]
  • TSK: 1836 Treasury of Scripture Knowledge [NRTI]
  • TTN: 1994 Textual & Translation Notes by Jay Green, Sr.** [N]
  • WB: 1833 Webster Bible [B]
  • WEB: World English Bible with footnotes [B]
  • Wes: 1790 Wesley New Testament** [B]
  • Wesley: 1767 John Wesley's Notes** [N]
  • Wey: 1912 Weymouth New Testament [B]
  • YLT: 1898 Young's Literal Translation [B]
  • Young: Young's Concise Commentary**++ [N]


  • Creole: Haitian Creole [B]
  • Drb: 1991 Darby** [B]
  • Grec: Greek lexicon in French [G]
  • Hébreu: Hebrew lexicon in French [H]
  • LSg: 1910 Louis Segond with Strong's numbers [B]
  • M&S: Spurgeon's Matin & Soir: Lectures Quotidiennes [T]
  • NEG: 1979 L. Segond Nouvelle Edition De Geneve with Strong's numbers** [B]
  • PNTF: 1889 People's New Testament Commentary in French [N]
  • Thèmes: Topics in French [T]
  • TSKF: Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in French [NR]


  • Bgl: 1905 Bengel Unrevidierte Elberfelder New Testament [B]
  • Elb: 1871 Unrevidierte Elberfelder with footnotes [B]
  • Griechisch: Greek lexicon in German [G]
  • Lut: 1912 Luther with Strong's numbers [B]
  • Sch: 1951 Schlachter** [B]
  • TSKG: Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in German++ [NR]
  • ULut: 1545 Unrevidierte Luther [B]


  • Diodati: 1649 Giovanni Diodati [B]
  • LND: 1991 La Nuova Diodati** [B]
  • NRV: 1994 La Sacra Bibbia Nuova Riveduta** [B]
  • Riveduta: 1990 Riveduta Version** [B]


  • BLH: 1998 Bíblia na Linguagem de Hoje** [B]
  • BRP: 1994 A Bíblia Sagrada** [B]
  • RA: 1997 Almeida Revista e Atualizada with Strong's numbers** [B]
  • RC: 1997 Almeida Revista e Corrigida** [B]


  • RV: 1909 Reina-Valera [B]
  • RVA: 1989 Reina-Valera Actualizada** [B]
  • SEV: 1569 Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua [B]

Others Languages

  • Alb: 1994 Albanian Bible** [B]
  • Bangala: 1995 Bangala Biblia** [B]
  • BIS: 1994 Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari** [B]
  • CEB: 1982 Philippine Bible** [B]
  • Dansk: 1933 Danish Bible [B]
  • Finn: 1933/38 Finnish PYHÄ RAAMATTU [B]
  • Károli: Hungarian Károli** [B]
  • MGreek: Modern Greek Bible** [B]
  • Norsk: 1930 Norwegian Bible** [B]
  • Rom: Cornilescu Version of the Romanian Bible [B]
  • RST: 1956 Russian Synodal Translation with Strong's numbers** [B]
  • Sango: 1966 Le Sainte Bible en sango** [B]
  • Shuar: 1982 Shuar of Equador, New Testament** [B]
  • Swahili: Swahili New Testament [B]
  • Swed: 1917 Swedish Bible [B]
  • TB: 1994 Terjemahan Baru** [B]
  • Turk: Turkish New Testament [B]
  • Ukr: 1940 Ivan Ogienko Ukrainian Bible** [B]
  • Viet: 1934 Vietnamese Bible [B]

Ancient Languages

  • BHM: Biblia Hebraica consonantal text, morphologically-separated, with Strong's numbers [B]
  • BHS: Biblia Hebraica consonantal text, normal form, with Strong's numbers [B]
  • Byz: 1991 Byzantine majority text with Strong's numbers and full parsing** [B]
  • ITR: Interlinear Textus Receptus with Strong's numbers [B]
  • LXX: Rahlfs Greek Septuagint [B]
  • LXXA: Rahlfs Greek Septuagint Apocrypha [T]
  • Tis: 1872 Tischendorf Greek NT [B]
  • TR: 1550/1894 Textus Receptus with Strong's numbers and full parsing [B]
  • Vulg: 405 Jerome's Latin Vulgate [B]
  • VulgA: 405 Jerome's Latin Vulgate Apocrypha [T]
  • WH: 1881 Westcott-Hort and Nestle's 27th text with Strong's numbers and full parsing [B]

Locked Items

(extra royalty fee required to unlock and use)

  • CJB: 1998 Complete Jewish Bible by David Stern** [B] ($15 unlock)
  • Lamsa: 1957 Lamsa Translation from Aramaic with footnotes** [B] ($10 unlock)
  • NAS95: 1995 New American Standard Bible with Strong's numbers, footnotes, xrefs, and lexicons** [BNRGH] (included on Deluxe CD only)
  • NIV: 1984 New International Version with footnotes** [B] (included on Deluxe CD only)
  • NKJV: 1982 New King James Version with footnotes** [B] (included on Deluxe CD only)
  • NLT: 1996 New Living Translation with footnotes** [B] (included on Deluxe CD only)
  • NRSV: 1989 New Revised Standard Version with footnotes** [B] (included on Deluxe CD only)
  • RVR60: 1960 Spanish Reina-Valera Revisada** [B] ($10 unlock)

Mac Deluxe CD


Deluxe CD includes everything on the Mac Classic CD plus the following additional items:


  • NAS95: 1995 New American Standard Bible with Strong's numbers, footnotes, xrefs, and lexicons** [BNRGH] (only on Deluxe CD)
  • NASB: 1988 New American Standard Bible** (only on Deluxe CD) [B]
  • NKJV: 1982 New King James Version with footnotes** [B] (only on Deluxe CD)
  • NLT: 1996 New Living Translation with footnotes** [B] (only on Deluxe CD)
  • NRSV: 1989 New Revised Standard Version with footnotes** [B] (only on Deluxe CD)

** Copyrighted material not owned by the Online Bible, used by permission.
++ Work in progress
[B] Bible
[G] Greek Lexicon
[H] Hebrew Lexicon [N] Verse Notes
[P] Pictures
[R] Cross References
[T] Topics
[TI] Topics with name index

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